Sentient mobile apps and websites

Open source release coming.

Sentient is a new solution which provides uniquely customised mobile apps and websites. The Sentient platform was originally created in the Inspirational People non-profit project at

Below, some apps made with Sentient:

Sentient Features

Key Sentient features:

  • Uniquely customised mobile app and website.
  • Create image, video, and text posts (similar to social or a blog).
  • Upload and share images and videos from a phone (or computer).
  • Create posts with content from social, music, and video services.
  • Display product listings from online shops and auction sites.
  • Display news media content.
  • Use independently, or invite others to collaborate.

Consolidate and curate public content from social, video, news, music, online shops and auction sites including: Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Linkedin, Soundcloud, TechCrunch, Wired, BBC, CNN, Forbes, Reuters, WSJ, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Waterstones and many others.

Sentient Benefits

Some other Sentient benefits:

  • No Ads - Sentient will not offer display advertising, but will have optional sponsor support.
  • Outbound linking - use the internet as it was intended (with links). Open web principles.
  • Search engine friendly - extend your reach with Google, Bing and other search engine traffic.
  • Privacy - Sentient will not use display advertising.
  • Use your own domain name or a subdomain.
  • 70% subscription revenue to other non-profit organisations, as below.

70% of Subscription Revenue to other Non-Profits

Sentient will offer a subscription service. 70% of subscription revenue will be donated to other non-profit organisations including Cool Earth, the Open Source Initiative, and UNICEF.

Sentient will offer brand marketing opportunities through sponsorship to supplement user subscription revenue. Sentient will not use online display advertising.

Inspirational People is a small team of volunteers and freelancers working remotely from around the globe. Our non-profit organisation is registered in the UK.

We're working towards donating 70% of subscription revenue to other non-profit organisations and becoming self sustaining.

To date we have had no full-time paid staff. The Sentient codebase has been created by developers in three different continents.

Contact: Please use our form at